Valentine’s Day Cookies in a Can


I always dislike throwing anything away, even if it goes into the recycling can, so I had a few tin cans waiting to be repurposed.  Since Valentine’s Day is around the corner  I decided to turn the cans not only into cookie cutters, but gift containers to hold my Valentine’s shortbread cookies as well.  Of course, you can only use the cans and lids if you opened them with a can opener that does not leave a sharp edge.

Please check out my Basic Shortbread Recipe for ingredients and instructions, or use your own favorite cookie recipe.


I used one of the tin cans to cut out the cookies and then imprinted a heart shape onto the cookies before baking.  When I pressed the heart into the cookies, I was worried that I slightly increased their diameters, but I threw all caution to the wind and ended up having to “shave” down some of the cookies to ultimately make them fit into the cans.  Shortbread is not supposed to expand during baking, but if you want to be on the safe side, you can always use a slightly smaller cookie cutter to begin with…

The easiest way to fill the cans is to stack the cookies upside down and then slide the can over them.  Finally, press down the lid and decorate the cans to your heart’s content.


Happy Valentine’s!



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11 thoughts on “Valentine’s Day Cookies in a Can

      1. Thanks Svenja! What type of can opener do you use? The can I opened this morning came out with sharp edges. Also – Do you sterilize your cans? If so – do you run them through dishwasher or hand wash with soap/hot water? :-)

        1. I use my Pampered Chef opener, but I have seen similar ones at stores now too. I just removed the labels, rinsed the cans and washed them in the dishwasher. I think that should be good enough 😉

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