The Cat’s Meow – Refillable Catnip Toy

cat toy 9

My husband sorted out one of his dress shirts, and after having turned a large portion into a dress for my daughter, I had some remnants laying around that begged to get a new lease on life as well.  Becoming a cat toy was probably not on top of their list, but cat toy they became…

cat toy 19

Our cats go crazy for catnip (what cat doesn’t?), so coming up with a toy that holds a little bit of the kitty-mood-altering goodness seemed to be a no-brainer.  A mouse, though not very original I admit, was yet another no-brainer and an easy pattern to come up with.

I began by cutting out two mouse “side”-pieces (pretty much eyeballed a pattern for that one) and then cut out a “belly”-piece with a circumference equal to the length of the two “side”-pieces together.  In addition, I cut half of a “belly”-piece, which would later become the pocket to hold the catnip.  I lined up the straight piece of the half-belly with a shirt seam so that I wouldn’t have to worry about finishing that edge.  The tail was cut from another  shirt seam.  Finally, I cut out 4 ear shapes by layering 4 small pieces of fabric and then just went to town with my scissors.

cat toy 15

Next, I sewed two ear pieces wrong sides together and then turned them right-side out to create one ear.

cat toy 14

I then “pinched” both ears together and sandwiched them, upside down and with the front of the ears facing the front of the mouse body, between the two “side”-pieces (the right side of the “side”-pieces facing inside towards the ears.

cat toy 13 cat toy 12

At this point, I also sandwiched the tail between the “side”-pieces and carefully pinned everything together.

cat toy 11

Now it was time to sew the back of the mouse together, leaving the bottom open.

cat toy 5The next step was a little tricky.  I layered the half “belly”-piece on top of the big “belly”-piece and with the half piece facing the inside of the mouse (which contained the ears and the tail and would soon become the outside…  oh no, I am confusing myself, but I hope the pictures explain it), I sewed all the way around, leaving a small opening near the tail.

cat toy 4 cat toy 2

I turned the mouse right-side out, stuffed it with poly fill, hand stitched the opening in the back and added the face with yarn.

cat toy 7

I was contemplating using a couple of shirt buttons for the eyes, but I didn’t wan’t anything on the mouse that could come loose and potentially choke my kitties.

cat toy 9

cat toy 6

cat toy 21

After I filled the back of the mouse with catnip (notice the teeth marks in the catnip bag; it’s obviously kitty approved), I presented the toy to my test audience.

The verdict:  it’s the cat’s meow!

cat toy 18 cat toy 16 cat toy 10-brighter



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