Recycled Pillow Case Night Gown


I had an old pillow case made from a really soft material with one side torn at the seam.  In other words, the perfect opportunity to try my hands on a pillow case gown.  It was easier than I thought, despite the fact that I read on several blogs that it was easier to make a pillow case dress from brand new material rather than an actual pillow case.

Here is how to do it (all you need is an old pillow case and some ribbon):

  • Iron your pillow case and fold it lengthwise.
  • Use a sleeveless dress as a pattern to cut out the “arm holes” – make sure to leave some space at the top to allow for your seem allowance and ribbon

IMG_5108 IMG_5110 IMG_5111

  • Open the pillow case back up and cut through the top of the material (which used to be the end of the pillow case.


  • Turn the pillow case inside out, fold the arm openings (should be in the form of a “U”) about 1/4 inch  to the inside and iron flat.  Stitch in place.


  • Now fold the top seems (front and back), which you cut open previously, about 2 inches to the inside and stitch in place.  Make sure to keep the sides open to threat your ribbon through.


  • Weave your ribbon through the font, over one arm opening/shoulder, and through the back.  Tie it in place over the second arm opening and adjust as needed.



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