Now You See Them, Now You Don’t – Simple Shoe Storage


One of the things I always said I never wanted to have, was a home without a proper entry way.  Of course, our new home not only opens right into our living room, but because there is no closet near by, you also stumble over a conglomeration of shoes, with some of them being freakishly large.  I tried to temporarily remedy the situation with a shoe rack, while I tended to other, more pressing renovation projects.


But enough is enough, and here is the solution I came up with (this is the view from our front door):


What do you mean, you “don’t see anything”?  Isn’t that the point?  If you look closer, you will see this:


I had a long piece of thin plywood left in the garage, as well as some stick-on felt pads.



The board slides easily under the couch and if you have carpet, I have seen stick-on plastic chair glides that you could use instead of the felt.


To take care of jackets and even more shoes, I painted a kitchen cabinet that I found at a garage sale, added another piece of plywood which I upholstered to create a bench, hung a mirror and some coat racks that we had floating around for years:


You can see the reflection of the couch in the mirror, which gives you a good idea of the “stumble”-right-into-our-living-room-scenario.

For now, the shoes and jackets have a home until I move on to realizing my plans for a “mud”-room corner in the garage…

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