Let Them Shine: How to Makeover Outdoor Light Fixtures


Soft yellow siding + off white trim + white light fixtures = boring house exterior.  That’s pretty much our new home in a nutshell, and while we are planning on having the house painted (I think we talked ourselves out of breaking our necks trying to paint a two story house ourselves), I still couldn’t live with all the “blah” until then.  I spray painted outdoor lighting in a previous home, and, since it held up very well over several years, I decided to do it again here.  It is the easiest and cheapest way to add some interest to your exterior, without having to run out and spend lots of money on new light fixtures.

As with all projects that require taking something apart that will hopefully be reassembled in the same fashion, it’s a good idea to take pictures as you go, just in case you don’t remember how to put it together again.  Also, in this case, remember to turn off the power to your light fixtures, since you will have to detach them from the power supply.


– Exterior spray paint (I used the Rustoleum Black Hammered Metal finish)

– Screw driver set

– Drop cloth

– A really cute 12 year old (or any appropriate age will do) to hold and hand back screws.

Like I said; “blah”:


The finish on the fixtures had accumulated a lot of dirt over the years…

IMG_3143 IMG_3144 IMG_3145 IMG_3146

… so after I carefully took them completely apart, I thoroughly washed and dried them.


Then I gave the fixtures and all of their components a couple of coats of spray paint and let them dry overnight before reassembling them.


Much better:


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