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Every day efforts to live a greener, more environmentally conscientious life, one canvas bag at the time.

Recycled Pillow Case Night Gown


I had an old pillow case made from a really soft material with one side torn at the seam.  In other words, the perfect opportunity to try my hands on a pillow case gown.  It was easier than I thought, despite the fact that I read on several blogs that it was easier to make a pillow case dress from brand new material rather than an actual pillow case.

Here is how to do it Continue reading Recycled Pillow Case Night Gown

DIY Liquid Laundry Detergent

I don’t like buying store bought products that I can recreate at home.  The homemade version many times works just as well, or better, than its commercial cousin and eliminates trash.  As an example, for the past few years, I have completely replaced store-bought commercial cleaners with a 50/50 solution of water and vinegar.  It works great on all kitchen and bathroom surfaces and windows.  Plus, it’s anti-bacterial, but works by denaturing, or unravelling, the bacterial proteins so it doesn’t lead to resistant strains of bacteria…

Since I got my all-purpose cleaner covered, I did some research on laundry detergents and tried a couple of different recipes. Continue reading DIY Liquid Laundry Detergent

Papa’s Got a Brand New Bag – Reusing Resealable Bags

I don’t like to use resealable bags and try to avoid them.  However, they do come in very handy sometimes and since my motto is to “live as green as practically possible”, I have on occasion thrown veggies or some bread in a plastic bag to save them from certain doom.  As opposed to throwing the bags away, I clean them and reuse them and my kitchen countertop sometimes resembles a laundromat as they are waiting to dry. Continue reading Papa’s Got a Brand New Bag – Reusing Resealable Bags