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A Seedy Story – Or Growing a Pumpkin Plant


Have you ever eaten a fruit and just stuck its pit into the ground to see what would happen?  My grandmother was one of those people who actually did that.  With her curiosity to see what would happen, combined with and the greenest thumb I had ever seen, she managed to grow a smorgasbord of plants, including a pineapple plant.  I actually watched her finish a peach, contemplate the pit for a few moments, then stick it into a pot with some soil and successfully got it to grow.  Despite the genetic connection, my thumb ended up with a paler shade of brownish-green, and so far, my gardening success has been contained to houseplants and growing a few herbs in the window.

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Basic Shortbread Recipe

This  Shortbread Cookie recipe is ridiculously easy and since it bothered me to only use 3 ingredients, I added salt and vanilla to the mix,  just to make me feel like it was worth my while :).  But seriously, you simply need sugar, flour and butter and you have yourself some buttery, tender goodness, waiting to be dunked into hot chocolate while curling up in front of a good movie… Continue reading Basic Shortbread Recipe

Marshmallow Fondant


There is something about creating your kids’ birthday cakes yourself and with only a couple of exceptions, I managed to do do so for a combined number of 18 birthday cakes.  In addition, I have made cakes for family and friends, school functions and even sold a few of them.  I began by decorating with buttercream icing, but was soon intrigued by the multitude of decorating options that come with fondant.  My first attempt of making traditional fondant was a disaster and purchasing already-made fondant is quite expensive.  Finally, I ran across a recipe for marshmallow fondant on “What’s Cooking America” and never looked back!  I have used this recipe (or slight variations of it) for over 7 years now… Continue reading Marshmallow Fondant

Stella – Or How an Old Pop-Up Finds a New Identity

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After years of tent-camping, schlepping air mattresses and crates of camping supplies, cleaning and drying the tent afterwards, we decided to venture into the luxurious world of pop-up campers.  Unfortunately, new campers that  fit our family of 4 comfortably still cost upwards of $10,000, and then you are stuck with some “wanna-be” posh decor.  We decided on researching the matter and settled on purchasing a used, almost 20 year old, but extremely well maintained camper that was merely stuck in a cosmetic, early 90’s decor time-warp. Continue reading Stella – Or How an Old Pop-Up Finds a New Identity

Upholstery Tutorial


My biggest and most ferocious critics (a.k.a my children) pointed out to me that my “How Karma scratched up my chairs…”-post, wasn’t much of a tutorial and that I should actually talk less about the cats and more about the task on hand.  Since I am that super parent described in the aforementioned post, I will now try to explain how I actually went about my upholstery project: Continue reading Upholstery Tutorial


How Karma scratched up my chairs and how I learned to reupholster them…


Do you remember when your children were very little and you were on your first plane ride with them?  They were so sweet and cuddly and slept most of the time and you wondered what other parents did wrong.  Their toddlers were all over the place while you thoroughly enjoyed the compliments you received from passengers on how wonderful your perfect bundle of joy was.  You, the super parent who seems to be a natural at this “traveling-with-child” business had it all figured out!  Until your next plane ride 6 months later, after baby had become more mobile and worst of all, more vocal…

Buying leather furniture when you have cats has a very similar learning curve, even though the wake-up call is disproportional to the age of your furry family member.  Despite the fact that we heard these crazy stories about cats destroying leather chairs, we ventured out and purchased a set of six beautiful, mid-century inspired dining chairs with a warm, rust-colored leather upholstery.  They were stunning and what was even more stunning were our extremely perfect, well mannered (geriatric) cats, who didn’t even think about raising a claw towards our immaculate new acquisitions.  And again, we were wondering what other pet owners did wrong… Continue reading How Karma scratched up my chairs and how I learned to reupholster them…