… Aaaaaand She’s Back!

If you are wondering why my last post was almost 6 months ago, I can give you one very good reason: yet another move half way across the country for this family of nomads. And even though we always have the option to have a moving company assist us in our many moves, we have had too many bad experiences and prefer to do it ourselves. Why take the easy way, if you can create months of work for you, right? We started organizing and packing in March, cleaned, organized and packed some more through-out April and May, and finally loaded our Penske truck in June to head towards the beautiful Pacific Northwest. Along the way, we took about a week to do some sightseeing. It still seems surreal that we drove through the Badlands and past Mt. Rushmore in the Black Hills of South Dakota, spent two days in Yellowstone, crossed the Cascades and finally arrived in our home on Fidalgo Island, WA. Of course, the trip included a nasty spider bite for my husband; waiting out a severe storm in South Dakota, only to drive right through another storm later that day; creeping at 20 miles per hour up and down windy roads through the mountains of Montana, Wyoming and Idaho; and changing a flat tire in the middle of the Rockies. It was truly an adventure, and at the end of the day, I would even dare to say that it added to our experience.

The house we bought qualifies as an “updater”-upper (that would be a step down from a fixer-upper), which means that we have been pretty busy since we moved in. When we walked through the front door we were greeted by blood red walls, which is always extremely inviting, only then to be confronted with a dark yellowish sand color that resembled something you’d find in a baby’s diaper covering the rest of the living space. We quickly painted the walls downstairs a very light gray, and painted it again another light gray, because we didn’t like the first one. There are apparently 50+ shades of gray…

We then moved on to ripping out the carpets upstairs and replacing them with cork flooring all the way down the stairs. My husband had to leave for about a month, which meant that I had to finish the stairs, tear out our old tile countertop in the kitchen (granite will be installed on Monday), organize, paint, clean, build a cat condo in the garage, and spray-paint everything that stood still around me. In the process, I took some pictures when I remembered to do so, and will hopefully be able to share them with you over the next few weeks and months. Kitchen cabinets are still waiting to be painted, tile backsplash needs to be installed, and the bathrooms are in dire need to some updating.

So off we go…

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