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Papa’s Got a Brand New Bag – Reusing Resealable Bags

I don’t like to use resealable bags and try to avoid them.  However, they do come in very handy sometimes and since my motto is to “live as green as practically possible”, I have on occasion thrown veggies or some bread in a plastic bag to save them from certain doom.  As opposed to throwing the bags away, I clean them and reuse them and my kitchen countertop sometimes resembles a laundromat as they are waiting to dry. Continue reading Papa’s Got a Brand New Bag – Reusing Resealable Bags

A Seedy Story – Or Growing a Pumpkin Plant


Have you ever eaten a fruit and just stuck its pit into the ground to see what would happen?  My grandmother was one of those people who actually did that.  With her curiosity to see what would happen, combined with and the greenest thumb I had ever seen, she managed to grow a smorgasbord of plants, including a pineapple plant.  I actually watched her finish a peach, contemplate the pit for a few moments, then stick it into a pot with some soil and successfully got it to grow.  Despite the genetic connection, my thumb ended up with a paler shade of brownish-green, and so far, my gardening success has been contained to houseplants and growing a few herbs in the window.

Continue reading A Seedy Story – Or Growing a Pumpkin Plant

Basic Shortbread Recipe

This  Shortbread Cookie recipe is ridiculously easy and since it bothered me to only use 3 ingredients, I added salt and vanilla to the mix,  just to make me feel like it was worth my while :).  But seriously, you simply need sugar, flour and butter and you have yourself some buttery, tender goodness, waiting to be dunked into hot chocolate while curling up in front of a good movie… Continue reading Basic Shortbread Recipe