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Marshmallow Fondant


There is something about creating your kids’ birthday cakes yourself and with only a couple of exceptions, I managed to do do so for a combined number of 18 birthday cakes.  In addition, I have made cakes for family and friends, school functions and even sold a few of them.  I began by decorating with buttercream icing, but was soon intrigued by the multitude of decorating options that come with fondant.  My first attempt of making traditional fondant was a disaster and purchasing already-made fondant is quite expensive.  Finally, I ran across a recipe for marshmallow fondant on “What’s Cooking America” and never looked back!  I have used this recipe (or slight variations of it) for over 7 years now… Continue reading Marshmallow Fondant

Stella – Or How an Old Pop-Up Finds a New Identity

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After years of tent-camping, schlepping air mattresses and crates of camping supplies, cleaning and drying the tent afterwards, we decided to venture into the luxurious world of pop-up campers.  Unfortunately, new campers that  fit our family of 4 comfortably still cost upwards of $10,000, and then you are stuck with some “wanna-be” posh decor.  We decided on researching the matter and settled on purchasing a used, almost 20 year old, but extremely well maintained camper that was merely stuck in a cosmetic, early 90’s decor time-warp. Continue reading Stella – Or How an Old Pop-Up Finds a New Identity